Dinsi Okondor was born from the love of sewing and the joy of giving. The clothing line looks to embrace the elegance of the Western attire, the distinction of Asian silk and the warmth and richness of African patterns. As such, Dinsi Okondor is for those who seek quality and is destined to the culturally connected gentleman.

The brand name "Dinsi Okondor" has an African origin, where 'Dinsi' speaks of respect for the one who protects and 'Okondor' represents success, strength and peace. Authenticity is at the core of what we do, as we seek to promote the diversity of tastes and the expression of one's individuality.


About the founder

Dinsi Okondor was founded by Tchi Mbouani Ngaliae in 2017. Tchi Mbouani started sewing in November 2013 and with the upcoming Christmas season, she wanted to find original presents for her family. She decided to use her newly acquired gift to sew ties for the men of her family. She wanted the gifts to be hand-made, but she also wanted them to be original. That's when she had the idea to use African cotton fabric to sew the ties. These were going to make wonderful, hardly seen, authentic Christmas gifts.

A year after, Tchi Mbouani sought to make the jump from cotton wax ties to silk ties, a bold move as Afro style silk ties were nowhere to be found. After much research and a few attempts at a business venture, Dinsi Okondor, the first brand combining Afro designs and silk, was finally born.

Tchi Mbouani uses her love of African pattern, her Cameroonian heritage and her French upbringing to come up with the most inclusive, forward-looking and distinguished designs for the Dinsi Okondor clothing line.