Humble beginnings

Tchi Mbouani Ngaliae, the founder of Dinsi Okondor, started taking sewing lessons in November 2013. With the upcoming Christmas season, Tchi Mbouani wanted to find original presents for her family and decided to use her newly acquired gift to sew ties. She wanted the gifts to be hand-made and original. That's when she had the idea to use African fabric to sew the ties. These were going to make wonderful, hardly seen, authentic Christmas gifts.


Dinsi Okondor was born from the love of sewing and the joy of giving. The clothing line looks to embrace the elegance of the Western attire, the distinction of Asian silk and the warmth and richness of African patterns.

The brand name "Dinsi Okondor" has an African origin, where "Dinsi" speaks of respect for the one who protects and "Okondor" represents success, strength and peace. Authenticity is at the core of what we do, as we seek to promote the diversity of tastes and the expression of everyone's individuality.


Dinsi Okondor introduces its first products to the public, starting with 3 models of neckties and 3 models of bow ties (Carielle, Squaro and Vinoti). Designs are created by Tchi Mbouani and are inspired by African culture, fashion and symbolism.

Uniqueness redefined

In 2019, we were proud to expand our Africa-inspired collection to luxury tie sets, which allowed us to diversify our offer and confirm our desire to be a specialist brand in quality neckwear for men of distinguished and unique tastes.